born April 12, 1989 in Kiev (Ukraine ) . 

From 2002 to 2007 she studied at the Kiev Children's Art school named after Taras Shevchenko in the classroom arts and crafts. Since 2007, she continued her education at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. 
In 2013 she received a master's degree and enrolled in post-graduate studies in graphic (studio prof.A.V.Chebykin). Member by the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. 
Works in various genres and techniques of easel and book graphics. Prefers etching and linocuts. Has many creative projects for implementation in the near future.

My journey in art began back in early childhood. Music School, solo art exhibition in the children's art house in the age of six years, then studying in the Children's Art School - my first childhood memories. Many thanks to my parents and my first teachers, wise and important advises and support in my desire in creativity.

I've always felt myself as an artist - it was not a career choice but  It was an unique and undeniable my path through life. It determined the choice of schools of professional skills.

The first of them was the National Art School Shevchenko.  

My specialization was applied ceramics. This studying has left forever in my heart the love to the Ukrainian traditional folk art - pottery. This art goes back in millennia of Chalcolithic where glorified in the land of my ancestors in the time of Trypillian culture between 5500 and 2750 years BC. With gratitude I remember my school teachers who opened for me the laws of beauty and harmony. The first excitements before exhibitions, contests. The first time of opening boundless world of beauty.

After ending school in 2007, I continued my education when I passed an exam in  the Graphic arts Department of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture is famous in Ukraine and abroad because of it's nearly century-old history and high classical art school. Supporters of contemporary art often criticizing this art school because of  devotion to the old traditions in art. However, I think that every professional should know the basics, specifics of his business and have the ability to use them, whatever he chose to continue in the future. I can say that a long course of human anatomy, drawing and painting helped me very much in my own creative implementation. I'm communicating with colleagues from different art schools in Kyiv. And I'm also looking at the educational process of the different art schools in Europe. Today, much attention is paid to the educational process mastering different genres of contemporary art, such as video, installation and more. Probably it's right because the artist learns to think conceptually. However, for some reason,for example, for drawing nude figure is allocating not enough time so it's hard for me to evaluate this approach to learning. What can I say, I'm a fan of the old classic school that still fully preserved in the Academy in the capital of Ukraine. And I am immensely grateful to those circumstances in which I was able to get an art education.

During the time of entering to Academy I chose the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department "Graphics" because this specialization in art is the most lovely for me. Thanks saturated curriculum of my faculty, during the years of training I was able to work in different techniques of the author printed graphics. I remember sitting for hours in the studio experimenting with different techniques, like in the lab, just to understand the spectrum of printed graphics capabilities, and it was incredible.

In my opinion, etching is the most open graphic technique for experiments, combining with other graphic techniques (and sometimes not only), to achieve a variety of effects on paper. For me, it's the richest and self-sufficient type of graphic art. Etching technique is complex and time-consuming in execution, especially for large or too little compositions. But for me as an artist, this choice is justified in that it has an extremely wide range of visual possibilities, able to convey the soft undertones and rigidity lines of drawing, create original texture image with my own artistic approach to etch the copper sheets.

The task of the artist is to adjust the degree and nature of the division, mergers space composition and direct the viewer's attention by lines of force to sense that he wants to express in his work.

The power and precision line as an auxiliary, structuring, power, semantic and emotional perception forming part of the work, determines the value by artists of different schools and directions. Composition is a form of existence of the artistic image and a prerequisite of its existence, at the same time the graphic line, in my opinion, in the creation of this form plays the role of "first violin".

The main visual element is line - dynamic, emotional, plastic, she creates a character and mood, entails to the unwinding tangle of mysteries, or on the contrary entangles secrets in the Gordian knot, which must be "solved" or must be "cut" by the spectator's labors of the himself.

Etching most affordable for playback volume space, light. Line by engraving has high-classic plasticity, purity and grace; in the engraving is very thin fluctuations in light and shadow. Due to bump line etching creates special color effects and very varied, rare depth and intensity of tone.

 “Own unique line” of artist are formed through skilful selection of graphic technique that would fully reproduced the character, author's artistic temperament, his personality . The line serves as a means of metempsychosis artist in his works and creation  own style.

It should also say something about the mood in artistic works that affecting on me and those ones I endeavor to create. For me, a picture would always be important in it's philosophy. The art works, that were made without idea, without emotional message, in my opinion, becomes purely a commercial product. Another essential characteristic - plastical movement in the picture. By such criteria above all I evaluate my own work. One of the main characters in my works is a man. Reproducing emotions in the work is the most difficult but also the most interesting for me. At one time I learned to reproduce the emotions on paper when I drew portraits from life of my relatives - sister Anna, mother, husband. Nothing attracts attention to the work of art stronger than the depiction of human eyes. One of my biggest guru and teachers of creating an emotional portrait is  Mikhail Vrubel ,the painter of classical art of 19th century . Looking at his paintings and drawings I realized how strong picture can affect a person . In   sculpture for me is an absolute authority Auguste Rodin. Among the plot motifs that interest me and that I reproduce scenes have their own vision, which, in my opinion, can not be used to the bottom. Each new work - a subjective vision plot a particular artist, so there is only a new face, addition of "eternal themes". M.K.